MARCH 30, 2021 - APRIL 10, 2021

Our African Festival Tour allows you to experience one of Ghana’s most important and most exciting festivals! 

Join our Tour and participate in the Akwasidae Festival in Kumasi, the capital of the Asante People. 

The Akwasidae Festival is one of the most important celebrations of the Asante people. The Akwasidae festival is held every six weeks in accordance with the Akan traditional calendar, which is based on a cycle of nine months in a year, with each month being forty-two days. The last Akwasidae festival of the year is set aside for the celebration of Adae Kese. The Adae Kese celebration is a magnified form of the Akwasidae festival.  COME TO GHANA WITH US AND EXPLORE YOUR AFRICAN ROOTS and EXPERIENCE YOUR AFRICAN HERITAGE! 

Our tours highlight Ghana’s rich culture and history and provide you with unique opportunities to explore and experience the amazement that is Ghana.  

Our tours also allow you the opportunity to see and enjoy the natural beauty of Ghana. There will be time to relax on beautiful beaches, take in scenic drives, see breathtaking waterfalls and just chill out by the pool.

There will be dancing and drumming and music and an all-around good time!

Our tour takes you to numerous towns, villages and cities in Ghana, so you can see more of this unique and diverse country. The tour includes visits to four different regions of Ghana with excursions in Accra, in the Greater Accra Region; Kumasi and several towns and villages in the Ashanti Region; Cape Coast and Elmina in the Central Region; and Keta and Ho in the Volta Region.

Though I'm sure after the trip, you'll deem the experience to be PRICELESS, the total cost of investment is $4,300.00

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